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Private Care

As an established NHS practice, we are committed to giving you all available treatment under these regulations.

Our private options are mainly to offer treatments that are not available on the NHS.
NHS patients can opt to have part of their treatment privately.

Most treatments are available on the NHS, this includes bridgework at the front of the mouth, root fillings (including molars) and metal dentures.

NHS regulations do not permit a few items (mostly cosmetic), these include:

  • Tooth Whitening
  • Dental Implants
  • White fillings on back teeth
  • Bridges not necessary to maintain the stability of the bite
  • Tooth coloured crowns on back teeth

What is the Difference

Please feel free to ask about private options at any time. For some treatments we may suggest referring you to a specialist. Some examples of privately available materials are shown below.
Find out about our private fees
Some treatments can be improved using more expensive materials however, this will not affect the success and longevity. A root filling or crown on the NHS should last as long as one done privately. This therefore applies mostly to aesthetic treatments. Crowns can be made from more life like materials, some examples are shown below.


This is a "Lithium disilicate modified glass ceramic". It is a modern high strength material with very translucent properties for a highly aesthetic appearance. These crowns (or bridges) have no metal and therefore give very good aesthetics to the gum margin, no more dark lines. Many other high strength materials without metal need heavy tooth preparation, this damages the tooth and risks more long term problems. e.Max requires probably the lightest preparation of all the higher strength ceramics.


This is a more traditional crown for front and back teeth, however, instead of the dark metal under the ceramic, the metal is gold. This gold alloy has a very high (80%+) gold content. The yellowness of this gold gives fantastic aesthetic results. It also has a wear resistance similar t
o natural tooth. The benefit is that the ceramic over the top is not only highly aesthetic but also has a similar hardness to natural tooth.
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