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Orthodontics in West Heath Birmingham

Caring for Your Fixed Appliances


  • Eat sensibly avoiding hard or sticky foods.

  • Eat more slowly, carefully and only eat foods which you can cut up well first (= most things - you do not starve!).

  • Do not eat chewing gum-toffees-hard sweets-hard crusts whole carrots, apples etc.

  • They may bend and break wires and dislodge brackets.

  • This will slow down treatment.

  • Avoid fizzy drinks - sweet drinks - fruit juices - sweets - sugar except in moderation.

  • They can dissolve surface enamel and cause permanent damage to teeth.


  • In fixed orthodontic appliance treatment the brackets are more difficult to clean.It is therefore very important to care for the fixed brace by careful brushing and using a sensible diet.

  • Permanent damage to the tooth enamel can occur if the teeth and brackets are not kept clean. The enamel will decalcify leaving unsightly white marks.

  • Clean your teeth and brace four times a day. Morning, mid-day, tea-time, and bed-time.


Fixed Brace


There are many types of mouthguard on the market for sports use. By far the best is a custom made personal mouthguard produced by your dentist but unfortunately these cannot be produced to fit over a fixed brace.

A reasonable alternative is available and we stock these in various colours. They will protect your teeth and also your brace.

  • You will need brushes and toothpaste. Additional items are also recommended. The ideal way to start is to buy the ORTHODONTIC HOME CARE KIT. This contains a double ended orthodontic toothbrush for general cleaning. A travel brush for taking to school. A timer to indicate the minimum time that cleaning should take.Floss and disclosing samples. Wax to protect any sensitive areas in the mouth.A mouth mirror. Replacements for individual items are usually stocked.

  • We also recommend using a Fluoride gel for brushing the teeth at least once a day and a fluoride rinse once a week (or daily version).

  • This will help to prevent damage.

  • Usually a small type of toothbrush will need to be used as well as a normal larger brush to clean the brackets properly as in the videos above. This must be done at least once every day - ideally twice.


After the initial fitting of an appliance it is fairly common to experience some discomfort in one or more teeth especially if these are badly displaced. It is sensible to take paracetamol to relieve any aches of this nature. This may be especially effective at bed-time. Do not exceed the recommended doses.

Lip Protection

As well as wax for covering bulky wires or attachments there are available some flexible plastic`guards` which clip onto the brace and are useful when playing some musical instruments and also if you are prone to ulcers or a sore mouth.

Missed Appointments

Under current NHS regulations, we cannot cover our costs by making charges for missed appointments.The remedy in situations where treatment is being compromised by repeated failure to attend for necessary adjustments is to discontinue treatment.

Important Note

Treatment will certainly be discontinued in the event that you miss three appointments during any course of orthodontic treatment.

We reserve the right to discontinue treatment after two failed appointments if we feel that this has created additional problems.If you need to change an appointment it is essential that you give us proper notice.It is your responsibility to ensure that you make your appointments for times when you do not have conflicting commitments.
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